Lessons Learned from Launching a Media Brand as a B2B Brand Extension

Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing @ Vidyard

6/22/22 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST

One year ago, Vidyard’s VP of Marketing had a wild idea: “What if we launched a media and content brand that was separate from Vidyard, and focused on all the things that Vidyard does NOT actually do?”

Fast forward to today, and the Sales Feed media brand has 40k+ TikTok followers, 7k+ LinkedIn followers, and thousands of YouTube and newsletter subscribers.

  • How did Tyler sell this idea to the rest of the C-suite?
  • What type of content are they actually creating?
  • And is it true that they’ve trademarked the term “sellertainment”?

Find out in this interactive discussion with Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard and Chief Feeder at Sales Feed.