Today’s Counterintuitive Way to Succeed with Content

Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing @ SparkToro

For Marcom Thinktank Episode two we welcome Amanda Natividad, who brings a new way to look at content creation and distribution. Zero-click content may seem odd to marketers at first glance: freely giving away value with no hope of tracking ROI? What’s the benefit in that? But now that platforms are disincentivizing clicks – it may be the best (or only) way forward! In this session we’ll go over:

  • What is Zero-click content? 
  • Why is this important for marketers? With a B2B audience? B2C? 
  • How to craft zero-click content
  • Getting buy-in from other departments and leadership on Zero-click content
  • Is it possible to track any ROI from Zero-click content? 
  • …and more!